Every day, PremCom is delivering print to over 1,500 client locations across the UK. From print, to direct marketing, to business mail, we provide reliable, cost-effective delivery. Guaranteed.

Power of the network

Thanks to the power of PremCom’s established delivery network, our clients won’t get a better delivery rate anywhere else.

As well as achieving the best price, our relationship with service providers like Whistl and Royal Mail also means that we’re able to guarantee delivery. No matter where a delivery needs to go, PremCom can guarantee it will get there.

Mailmark barcode tracking

We’ve invested heavily to become Mailmark-accredited, meaning that we can deliver the most cost-effective postage rates from Royal Mail.

Every letter sent through Mailmark is barcoded, enabling marketing managers to track the progress of their campaigns, making it easy to coordinate follow-up actions.