Whether it’s bespoke direct mail, transactional mail, or our fully automated drag-and-drop business mailing service, we’ve got you covered.

Direct mail, delivered

Mail is important to every business. We set out to make it as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

By employing the latest technology, we’re able to offer streamlined simplicity, high quality printing and guaranteed delivery, all while delivering significant cost savings to our clients. This painless, one-stop service provides the ideal solution for all of our clients’ direct mail needs.

Hot Submit

PremCom’s Hot Submit service makes the time-consuming business of processing direct mail almost effortless.

Clients simply drag and drop the required correspondence into specially configured Hot Folders on their computer desktops. The files are transferred automatically to a secure FTP site, where they are collected once a day and submitted for production.

Touchless Workflow

Once work is submitted, our cutting-edge touchless workflow applies the data to the relevant artwork, which is then automatically printed to the required specifications.

This automated process increases efficiency and generates cost savings. Thanks to our flexible API, the Hot Submit mechanism can be easily incorporated within any client system.

Quality Control

Our state-of-the-art digital presses deliver high-quality print, fast. Because the automated system uses pre-configured artwork, all documents will feature the correct design, layout and print quality.

Following automated printing, we also carry out additional manual quality control checks. This ensures that all of our clients’ correspondence meets the highest standards and provides additional peace of mind.

Delivering cost savings

PremCom’s streamlined direct mail service doesn’t just reduce costs through automation. We’re also able to offer best possible rates on postage and delivery.

Through our established relationships with service providers like Whistl and Royal Mail, we can deliver significant cost savings to our clients while safeguarding delivery.