Expert, approachable and committed, our people really are our greatest asset

From the outset, PremCom has been about delivering what our clients actually need. We pride ourselves on the quality of our team which continues to grow and develop. We’re always on the lookout for talented people with pride, flair and a thirst for personal and professional development.

We’re made up of account managers, agency-level creatives and designers, print production professionals, full-stack developers and data experts. Everything clients need to make their campaigns successful and so generate the required ROI.

  • Marco Poli

    Managing Director

    Marco founded PremCom in 1990, drawing on the skills and experience he had gained both within the print industry and as a print buyer for the Woolwich Building Society. While working in print gave him a solid grounding across a broad spectrum of hardware and techniques, Marco’s experience of the client side, with its constant pressure to deliver results, made him realise that a report-driven, measurable print solution was sorely needed.

    This understanding of what the client needs from a print management service is central to PremCom’s success. From the outset, the company has embraced the latest print technology, but Marco is equally passionate about the industry’s heritage, retaining the capacity for small litho print runs to this day. Under his guidance, PremCom is constantly investigating and investing in the latest technology, without ever losing sight of the critical human element.

  • Paolo Poli

    Production Director

    Paolo has been with PremCom from the very beginning and, as Production Director, his job is to ensure that we meet the production deadlines set by our clients while producing a consistently high-quality product. Having previously worked in a variety of manufacturing plants and print operations,

    he brings extensive experience to this wide-ranging role, making sure that both our production equipment and our production team run smoothly, keeping projects on time and within budget, and safeguarding quality through rigorous post-production processes.

  • Anne Marie Waters

    Account Manager

    As Head of Account Management, Anne Marie and her team with their positive attitude ensure that our customers always get the service, responses, and value they desire and deserve. 

    With over 15 years’ experience, Anne-Marie prides herself on her attention to detail and “can-do” approach, also having a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything print and mail!

  • Carl Howarth

    Development Lead

    As Development Lead at PremCom, Carl heads up the development department. With over 25 years commercial experience in software development, he has been involved in creating solutions for many different industries.

    From stock management systems to back-office solutions to ecommerce, Carl has worked on both application and web-based technologies and has a healthy understanding of infrastructure and general IT.

  • Matthew Hides

    Studio Manager

    Having worked as a designer and studio manager for one of the UK’s largest newspaper publishing houses, Matthew joined PremCom in 2007. Since then, he has applied his skills not just to print but also to designing interactive templates for our web-to-print system, marrying

    high-quality design with cutting-edge technology to create mass mailing pieces that are distributed to thousands of properties across the country. As Senior Graphic Designer, he manages our vibrant team of designers, all dedicated to meeting our clients’ creative needs.

  • Caroline Brooks

    Finance Manager

    Caroline has many years experience in previous finance roles and joined PremCom in January 2012 as Finance Manager.

  • Claire Bird

    Account Manager

    Claire joined PremCom in 2001 working in administration and then progressed into customer services, becoming an Account Manager in 2016. 

  • Mick Russo

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Mick is an experienced Graphic Designer/Artworker who has worked with PremCom for the last twenty years. Previous to working with PremCom, Mick worked in a number of agencies both in the UK and abroad as both a designer/artworker and an illustrator.

    His career has been very diverse by working in sectors such as the defence and automotive industries. Mick was educated at Isle College, Wisbech. He commenced his career as an Illustrator and has since diversified into design and artwork for both print and digital.

  • Mark Garrod

    Brand Consultant

    As PremCom’s Brand Consultant, Mark handles all aspects of branding, campaign development and marketing strategy. With his background as a designer and creative art director, Mark brings a wealth of expertise to both online and offline brand and campaign management, with a focus on corporate campaigns, recruitment, the education sector and financial services communications. Previous clients include BP, ICI, Unilever, Boots and Sainsburys.

    With more than 25 years’ experience in the design industry, Mark holds qualifications in graphic and information design and a professional diploma in digital media and branding from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Alongside his role with PremCom, Mark is an occasional lecturer in design and branding.

  • Matthew Aitken

    Technical Analyst

    As PremCom’s Technical Analyst, Matthew is responsible for producing analytical data for both clients and PremCom. Before entering the print industry, he worked for Lincolnshire Police and within the retail sector, and has since worked on a wide range of projects, from creating bespoke CRM software and developing print management tools to helping Oxford University Press create an online

    journal management system. He also worked alongside international print technology firm EFI to develop the API found in all of their digital printing systems today.