What sets PremCom apart from its competitors?

In our world of business print and marketing communications, quality and service is a given. It’s not enough to just be good at what you do, you need to truly excel. To ensure that we stay way ahead of the pack we’ve invested in, and focus on, three core elements.

Because we recognise that, by getting these right, whatever new and additional products and services we offer, we’ll continue to serve and grow our existing customer base. That’s stood us in good stead for 25 years, so far.

Customer satisfaction

Because we recognise that every client is different, we go to lengths to understand their individual business strategy. Then we work hard to produce print and communications that deliver on it. This approach to customer service is hardwired into everything we do. It means a single accountable point of contact, ambitious and constantly monitored SLAs, dashboards and reporting, and access to PremCom’s management team.

Developing our team

As we’ve grown, we’ve been careful to build up an exceptional team of individuals, selected not just for their high levels of print industry experience but also for their personality and attitude. Dedicated, flexible and approachable, our account managers, designers, analysts, and developers, love solving problems and finding new ways to achieve the very best result for our clients.

The latest technology

As the print industry continues its march from analogue to digital, technology has become increasingly important. Not just in the form of state-of-the-art digital printing presses, but the latest campaign software, applications, servers and security. Keeping ahead of this curve means we can seamlessly integrate with our clients’ processes, making the switch to use PremCom a very easy move.