We take our responsibilities as a business, an employer, and as part of the wider community very seriously. We recognise these responsibilities as both moral ones but also as impacting on our commercial viability and long-term success.

Environmental sustainability

We are FSC certified, hold ISO 14001 certification and, wherever possible, use ISO certified suppliers.

We measure our environmental impact and monitor usage of raw materials, collection of waste and energy consumption. And, believing that even small actions make a difference, we:

• are moving to low-energy LED lighting
• promote car-sharing and public transport
• encourage walking and cycling to work
• use washable, reusable cups and crockery
• allow remote working when appropriate.

Social sustainability

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy focuses on 10 key areas:

1. A safe and secure working environment

2. Legal and regulatory compliance

3. Fairness, honesty and transparency

4. Data management and protection

5. Respect of intellectual property rights

6. No discrimination and promotion of diversity

7. No forced labour or human trafficking

8. Fair and equal wages

9. Fair holidays and no excessive overtime

10. The same from across our supply chain

Economic sustainability

Focused on long-term viability rather than short-term gain, we’ve maintained profitable, stable and sustained growth over twenty-five years. Even during the pandemic, we continued to trade safely and compliantly and to service our customers by adapting to their needs.

With no serious losses or setbacks as a result, we’re confident that the predicted economic “bounce back” will stand us in good stead for the future.