Personalised communications increase relevance, maximise response rates and generate greater ROI. But they require accurate data, reliable technology, and sophisticated systems, to bring them to life.

Data management

We can work with customers to simply optimise their own datasets by cleansing, appending, de-duplicating or segmenting them.

Alternatively, using relationships uniquely negotiated with third-party specialist providers, PremCom customers have access to a wealth of both records and data-points. Intelligence and insight that resonate with their targets and so set a fire under their marketing campaigns.

Systems security

GDPR compliance and ISO accreditation underpin our data management, touchless workflow, and entire systems infrastructure.

Using best-in-class Amazon Web Services, servers are housed in physical buildings and these are in “lock down” mode with SSL for data encryption and safe transfer. The result? Guaranteed security and total peace of mind for our customers.