The answer to all your marketing needs

Talk to any marketing professional and there is one thing that everyone will agree upon – they are busy. With more diverse audiences using a range of media, every marketing campaign you run is now multi-channel.

This means you aren’t just using one delivery system, you are using at least five. You don’t just have one audience group to understand and tailor your marketing to, you have at least ten. You don’t just have one set of analytics to review and interpret, you have at least twenty-five!

Marketing efforts are being split in so many different directions that sometimes it can feel like nothing is being done to the best of your ability. Yet there is a way to bring everything together, see all your channels in one place, and manage your marketing campaign effectively – that’s through using software such as PremLive.

How PremCom’s solution can help

PremCom’s innovative platform PremLive is a unique solution which allows you to build and implement your full marketing campaign using just one piece of software. People around the world are using this and the benefits of having everything accessible in one place are clear. Here are just some of the main advantages you will see:

It’s all together in one place

Our state-of-the-art software allows you to build and implement your own marketing campaigns, edit them, and get real time analytics and reports. Your campaign can be delivered across multiple channels, from direct mail to SMS, email, the web and social media, you can even create personalised and tailored websites – it is all streamlined through our latest technology.

Real-time analytics are available at the touch of a button

By logging into your campaign dashboard, you can measure the performance of a campaign, analyse and evaluate relevant areas, track the success in real time, and adapt your next campaign based on the results. The easy-to-use analytic tools provide a detailed breakdown of results helping you to continually refine your approach and understand your customer’s journey to boost your ROI.

It’s all in your control

Once your marketing campaign has been set up, you continue to have complete control over the output of your brand communications. No matter what size your business, brand control is at the core of an effective marketing campaign and with our automated service, it is simple to ensure that the very best of your brand is being promoted at all times.

It’s not just digital

While PremLive is an online solution, it doesn’t just help you with the digital aspects of your marketing campaign. The more traditional marketing channels such as direct marketing promotional materials can also be managed through the online asset control systems within PremLive.

Not only that but at PremCom we can print and supply any of the materials that you need – so you reduce the time and effort of liaising with multiple suppliers and instead get a one-stop solution from us.

Give it a try

Admittedly, the idea of reducing some of your workload probably sounds a little too good to be true. However, we know that you will find a significant benefit from using PremLive and that’s why we offer a free trial. Our solution is unrivalled and we know that by trying it out for yourself you will see just how much this can support you and your business.

If you would like try PremLive then get in touch with us today to find out more.