How digital stamps boost direct mail success

With customers shopping around more than ever before, always seeking the next bargain, it’s become harder than ever to secure repeat custom year on year. This has meant that marketing, to try to grab the attention of the customer, has needed to be more personalised than ever before.

Yet, of course, the challenge is that most marketing campaigns are not personalised to just one customer but to a whole swathe of customers at one time. So how can you ensure that your customer receives something which they perceive to be very personal?

What is a digital stamp?
We are really pleased to say that PremCom is one of just 22 companies in the UK approved by the Royal Mail to use digital stamps.

These are normal postage stamps, which look just like the ones you would buy in the shops, but are digitally printed at the time when your marketing material is printed. The result is a piece of direct mail which looks just like the sort of letter they might receive from someone they know.

We’ve had to meet a number of requirements to be selected by Royal Mail as an approved supplier of digital stamps, and with so few companies authorised to provide this service we are really proud to be one of them.

The advantages of using digital stamps
Using digital stamps means that your customers will be receiving personalised mail with the appearance of an actual stamp upon it, something which many people just don’t get in the post anymore. As such your customers are much more likely to open this mail, than other material which might come through their doors and clearly appears to be marketing.

What’s more with PremCom you get an all-inclusive service which we are really proud of. Choosing to work with us means you don’t need to seek out individual suppliers for each part of the process, getting quotes and tenders each time just to fulfil every aspect of your print marketing campaign. Instead, we can do it all for you from printing to postage and delivery. Our innovative web-to-print solution also means you can request the printing of your material at the touch of a button.

Proof it can work
One example from Royal Mail of how digital stamps can work is from the business The Cashmere Centre, the largest provider of cashmere in the UK. They’ve tested the use of traditional indicia marked letters against the use of digital stamps on their marketing materials and seen some great results.

When sending direct mail to warm customers they found that there was a 25% uplift in responses to their mailing and a subsequent 55% boost to sales. Even when sending direct mail to cold customers there was a 21% uplift in sales.

While it might seem like a small thing, the printing of a digital stamp can actually have a huge impact on your customer as we hope we have demonstrated above.

If you would like to find out more about how PremCom can assist you with your print marketing needs then get in touch with us today.