Showcasing Xerox’s FreeFlow technology

Here at PremCom, we don’t just invest in the latest printing technology, we also take the time to ensure all our staff have the skills and training to make it work at peak effectiveness.

That means we know a thing or two about picking the right tools for the job. It’s what led us from focusing on lithographic printing to becoming an almost completely digital operation, years before some of our competitors.

So when we first laid eyes on the FreeFlow touchless workflow system from print giants, Xerox, we knew it was something special. Our passion for staying one step ahead led us to become the only UK partner to feature in a full case study from Xerox themselves.

You can read the full case study here, but in our own words, here’s what we got out of this fantastic experience.

What we needed

Because we were so early to adopt digital print techniques, we had a lot of time to build momentum. So much momentum, in fact, that we found ourselves trying to process over 1,500 web-to-print orders each and every day.

These orders needed to be processed by hand, and the whole thing was made more cumbersome by our clients being spread around the UK, each needing smaller and more personalised runs.

Being too busy is always a good problem to have, but it still needed solving.

What we did

We already had a series of client-branded online portals and all the pre-existing templates we needed, so it wasn’t as simple as starting everything from scratch. We needed a system which would overcome the bottlenecks we were encountering in our service, but which could slot into what was currently working for us.

Xerox FreeFlow was selected because it not only let us work around our existing systems, it complemented them as much as it improved them. It also kept us in total control of our web-to-print processes. Everything stayed on our servers and we could access any controls we needed to refine the service as it was implemented.

What we were left with was a totally revolutionised way of working. From a client logging into their portal and placing an order to production of the end product, very little manual intervention was needed on our end. The best part? All of this was implemented and up and running in less than a month.

The result

All told, we estimate that the new system saves us up to four hours each and every day in time otherwise spent in the processing and prepress phase. That means fewer resources spent on fiddly tasks, resulting in savings which we can pass onto our clients. In turn, being able to offer the same high-quality work for less means we win more business.

We’re so pleased with how this new setup has improved our ability to offer multi-channel print management to clients that we’ve gone and doubled our floor space to give us even more capacity to print.

By focusing on the needs of an ever-changing print industry, we’ve managed to reach a point where we offer clients whole new levels of control over exactly how and where they reach out to their customers.

It’s been an interesting 25 years, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings. For more information on what PremCom can do for your business, get in touch with us today.