Ordering print online – all you need to know

Ordering print can be tricky. There’s a lot to know, and to remember. But many marketing teams have always done it offline, manually, and so can be reluctant to change. Here’s a quick checklist of why an online ordering portal, and specifically our own PremLive system, can save you money, time and hassle.

1. PremLive is market-leading, fully-featured, and powered by XMPie from Xerox.

2. Totally scaleable, its perfect for those with multiple locations and cost centres.

3. On demand, 24/7 access – no need to wait for the office to open, simply order online from wherever you are.

4. Customer’s own branding – tailored with your “look and feel” and to fit brand guidelines.

5. Order management / stock control – removes inventory worries.

6. Cost centre management – manages re-charges and budgetary control.

7. Brand and version management – eliminates mistakes and confusion

8. Speedy replenishment of stocks – no waiting or delays.

9. Authorisation and approvals structure – down to individual user level.

10. Detailed reporting – granular level tailored analysis.

11. Data and digital asset management – takes the headache out of licensing and distribution.

12. Delivers time savings – slashes ordering touchpoints and automates routine/repetitive tasks.

13. Reduces hidden costs – fewer steps, less time, fewer errors = less resource.

14. Customised and customisable content – you’re always in control.

15. Uses industry-standard Adobe InDesign – favoured and recognised by designers and creatives.

If you’re contemplating ordering your business and marketing print online, but aren’t sure where to start, talk to us first. We offer full training, implementation and comms planning, to make it a simple but financially rewarding transition.