Countrywide is the UK’s largest property services group, with a network of over 1,400 branches nationwide split across more than 60 different brands. Managing the print requirements of this network is no small task, with each brand and branch requiring high-quality, bespoke window cards and property particulars to supply to their customers.

With different suppliers providing the data, digital templates, print, fulfilment and distribution solutions, Countrywide needed a simpler, more cost-effective way to coordinate, execute and, most importantly, track print-on-demand activities across the entire group.

Practical solutions

PremCom took the lead in developing relationships with Countrywide’s business partners to ensure that the necessary data and templates could all come together and integrate seamlessly with their various systems. This unified approach not only meant that the final print, fulfilment and distribution process was efficient, flexible and highly effective, but also meant that Countrywide could track every detail.

PremCom’s knowledge and insight proved invaluable in developing a practical solution that worked for all of Countrywide’s partners and accommodated their different technologies, delivering a high-quality, cost-effective result for Countrywide in a very short time frame.

“PremCom’s customer service, insight and track record is impressive. Not only have they streamlined much of our print management into a market leading process that we are all really proud of, but they continuously work hard to look at ways of improving it further.”

Phil Nixon, Marketing Services Manager, Countrywide