How PremCom helps travel marketers increase repeat sales

It’s never been harder for travel companies to get customers to come back to them year after year. Gone are the days of people immediately thinking of a particular travel agent when they want to book a holiday. Nowadays the travel and tourism market is flooded – and customers have got savvy and are shopping around to find the best deals.

But in any business, to improve year on year there is a huge reliance upon repeat sales from existing customers. At PremCom we have some great solutions to manage, control and personalise print requirements to help you increase those all-important repeat sales. Here’s how…

Starting our work with you

When we first begin to work with a business we’ll meet with you to understand your business and, in particular, to gain a solid understanding of your customer’s journey. Coming up with engaging marketing material means understanding what the customer wants and when they want it.

Through the work we’ve done with brands over the years we know that travel customers typically aim for one holiday per year and so when that holiday is over there’s a sense of sadness and negativity as the anticipation and excitement has gone. The week people come back off their holiday is then one of the key times to target them if you want to get repeat business.

Personalising the marketing

Personalisation is so vital in today’s busy consumer market, with consumers more likely to buy something from a company if they recognise them by name, or recommend options based on their past purchases. Effective personalisation used to take a significant amount of time, which many marketing professionals don’t have, but not so with our PremCom solution.

Using the customer data which you already have readily available, we establish a web-to-print solution. To save you time we use pre-defined imagery and content and then the intuitive software pulls the customer data to create a unique piece of personalised direct mail.

What’s better is that this doesn’t take weeks to do – from the moment you get the software working to the moment the material is ready to be sent out it’s just 48 hours! And speed doesn’t mean a loss of quality. You can be assured of the highest quality with not only digital checks being done, but a manual check by one of our operatives too before anything is sent to your customers.

Incentivising to get that repeat booking

There are so many ways in which mailings can be personalised – such as a picture of your customer’s recent holiday destination with the strapline ‘Mrs Jones, don’t you wish you were still in Cyprus?’. An early-booking offer then urges the customer to book now and re-ignite those feelings of anticipation and excitement as they look forward to another break. We’ll also be aiming to create a piece of marketing which makes the customer feel like if they did not book now they would be losing out.

Finally, the PremCom web-to-print solution also allows you to include a personalised URL which takes the customer through to a personalised landing page, making it as easy as possible for the customer to rebook.

Following up on the initial approach

Your PremCom web-to-print solution is ideal for not just one marketing campaign, but for your whole year of marketing campaigns. If you’ve got the customer to rebook, then continue to build their excitement with further personalised mailings which also encourage them to refer a friend.

We can set up a fully automated system that offers a discount or ‘holiday extra’ if their friend also booked a holiday – it’s all automated through PremCom and it’s all personalised.

Also – don’t forget our general print management service. With the same speed, accuracy and quality we can print anything you need from brochures to leaflets and flyers. Working with PremCom is a simple one-stop solution, reducing your time spent searching for various suppliers.

PremCom’s solutions are ideal for the fast-paced and competitive travel and tourism industry. If you like the sound of what we do, get in touch to find out more.