Getting personal with large-format printing

Targeting your marketing based on data is the future of, well, everything, really. As our capacity to gather and process more information about customers grows to epic proportions, so do our options for presenting people with relevant, meaningful marketing collateral.

Here at PremCom we’re already delivering highly personalised, multichannel campaigns through our PremLive service, but now we’re taking this one step further.

The evolution of large-format printing

We’re always looking for new ways to apply our exceptional print know-how to the latest developments in print management technology and this time we’re bringing the power of variable data printing to a larger format.

Large-format printing covers, you guessed it, print jobs which are just that little bit bigger than normal. Billboards, site hoardings and building wraps are just a few examples.

In many cases, these are just functional pieces designed to hide or disguise building works. We’ve all seen those rows of boards surrounding a new construction, or screens surrounding large buildings during a renovation work. We humbly suggest that it could all be so, so much more.

Combining variable data technology with large-format printing unlocks untold potential for adding value to ongoing works and turning these major sites into opportunities to deliver relevant, tailored communication that engages its local audience.

Picture a large-scale construction project of several new buildings. Wrapping scaffolds with images of what each individual finished building will look like not only covers unsightly works, it also shows the project is gaining momentum, attracting interest, and doing the hard marketing work from the moment the first brick is laid.

Site hoardings featuring information specific to the site isn’t new, but these are usually bespoke and costly to produce on a per case basis. But imagine if you could print multiple hoardings in one go, all with dedicated imagery and contact details for each site. Well, at PremCom this will soon be a reality.

We will be able to completely tailor our large-format digital print to any variable required, while you still benefit from the cost savings of printing in larger quantities, rather than one-offs.

Imagine using billboards to target specific areas, right down to the neighbourhood if required. You can even take it one step further and provide a local spin on national campaigns. Imagine Nike putting up a billboard in Newcastle reading ‘just dee it, man.’

All these possibilities and more will soon be a reality here at PremCom and we’ll be helping our clients to increase the effectiveness of all their marketing across all formats while delivering really exceptional cost benefits.

Are you inspired to think bigger with your messaging? Get in touch today and see how PremCom can help your customers see the bigger picture.