5 ways we’re revolutionising travel marketing

With an almost 5% growth in the travel and tourism industry last year, the challenge for all industry professionals, particularly those in marketing roles, is to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate upcoming trends.

In an expanding marketplace, ensuring that your business is at the forefront of a customer’s mind means that you need your marketing material to be in front of them as soon as possible. However, with an ever-growing need to cater for more language versions, offer more personalised content and get material delivered more quickly than ever before – it’s no wonder so many organisations are struggling.

Yet, there is a highly efficient one-stop solution which can not only enable you to produce personalised marketing material but then get it printed and dispatched for delivery to your target within 48 hours – and it’s the PremCom web-to-print solution.

How our web-to-print solution works

Hosted through PremCom systems, you can log into the web-to-print portal from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. With your master template already uploaded into the system you can customise it however you need. Then at the click of a button it’s with PremCom and the countdown clock begins.

Using the very latest top-quality technology we print your promotional material, rigorously quality check it and then dispatch it for delivery all within 48 hours. No more manual processes, no more waiting for printing to take place – you’ll be ahead of the competition with better print management.

The key benefits of our web-to-print solution

If you aren’t yet convinced, then here are five ways in which PremCom’s web-to-print solution can help you:

It’s a 48-hour guarantee

As soon as you have placed your order, you can sit back and know that in just two days the materials will have been printed, quality checked and sent out for delivery. This speedy print and dispatch guarantee means that you can effectively plan your ongoing marketing campaigns.

You’re in control and can customise as much as you want

Logging into the web-to-print portal allows you to customise a pre-loaded template in any way you wish, allowing you to change the content of your marketing material as often as you need. This flexibility means you can react to feedback you get or address any changes in direction you need to take. Customising is through our simple and intuitive system so doesn’t take up your time. What’s more you can allow others to access the portal too, meaning that Head Office can have an overview of what’s being done.

It’s a touchless workflow

At PremCom our aim is to make things as easy for you as possible and deliver a speedy service. That’s why our portal links you directly to our state-of-the-art digital presses. As soon as you are ready to submit the printing process will be done. However, we don’t just pride ourselves on our speed of service…

We are serious about quality control

Such a speedy service does not come at the expense of rigorous quality control. Every job we print is checked first by our digital systems and then we conduct a manual check in order to guarantee to you that everything we produce is of the very highest quality and is exactly what you had envisaged.

This all saves you money

Highly efficient and effective services don’t have to come with huge price tags. We have a system of pre-agreed rates which allow you to understand exactly how much you will pay for the service you will receive. As a one-stop solution there is no negotiating before you place an order or making each part of the printing and delivery chain align with the other. Time, effort and money will all be saved.

Find out more

It really is possible to bring the whole process of designing marketing collateral, sending it to print, getting it printed and quality checked and then ready to be delivered to the customer together and all within 48 hours! Over 4,000 people are already using our web-to-print solution and realising the many benefits it can bring.

If you would like to find out more then get in touch with us today.