Print – the heart of your marketing strategy

Nowadays it can feel like the only place to market your business is online but actually statistics show that print marketing still has a very big part to play.

According to research by Royal Mail, 32% of young adults say they’re more likely to trust information they get through print than online and 25% of couples quizzed say they’ve brought something as a result of direct marketing.

If you’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that digital is the only way to go, then take a look at some of the reasons why you need to ensure that digital and print marketing go hand in hand and compliment each other to give you the very best, and most effective, strategy:

Customers take more in when reading print marketing

Extensive research has been done over the years to analyse a customer’s reaction to print marketing materials and there are some fascinating statistics. Studies have found that reading from paper uses less of our mental resources than it does reading from a screen, making it easier for us to remember what we have read.

A further study, which looked at people’s attitudes, found that most people approach computers and tablets with a mind less conducive to learning than the one they bring to paper. This all means that advertising across a variety of mediums – both print and online – is the way to ensure that your message really gets through.

You can stand out from the crowd

With many people now getting so much of their personal correspondence through email, sending out print direct marketing means you’ll actually find yourself in something of a prime position with customers less overwhelmed with post through their letterbox each day.

It means they are likely to take their time to sort through their daily post and find the item you have sent. What’s more, your direct mail can follow up on any email marketing, reminding them of what they may have already seen and encouraging further reading. The statistics back this up as, in general, 80% of traditional mail is opened.

Print maximises your exposure time

While many people rightly acknowledge that the benefit of digital marketing is it’s immediacy, it is also ‘of the moment’ – and that moment might not be the right time for the customer. With print marketing the customer has the choice about when they engage with it. They can place it to the side to be read later or referred back to at a later date.

There’s a good amount of trust

With so many spam emails, and examples of customers being targeted with irrelevant advertising, it can take either multiple emails to build that trust or an existing knowledge of the brand. However, when a customer receives an item of direct mail – addressed to them at their home – there is an immediate sense of trust placed upon the item and the contents within it.

You can still use digital elements

Critical in today’s marketing world is to have a multi-channel strategy. Gone are the days when print marketing simply meant a flyer through the door – now you can link it to your digital marketing campaign allowing you, and your customer, to have the best of both worlds.

If you want to include print marketing in your multi-channel marketing strategy and organise both your print and digital offerings in one simple to use system then get in touch with us today.

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