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Multiple channels, one conversation

PremLive makes powerful multichannel marketing incredibly easy, allowing you to truly engage with your audience through personalised content coordinated across print and digital.

Introducing PremLive

Introducing PremLive

PremLive is our easy-to-use personalised direct marketing system. Using the latest technology, PremLive allows our clients to target individual customers with personalised content that can be delivered across multiple channels, from direct mail to SMS, email, the web and social media.

By unlocking the power of your customer database, PremLive is able to deliver highly effective personalised marketing campaigns with absolute ease.

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Unique communication, extraordinary results

Personalised communication is not just an incredibly effective way to stimulate customer interaction and generate sales. Increasingly, it’s something that customers have come to expect.

Businesses today hold extensive data on every single customer and can choose from a range of cost-effective means to communicate. But coordinating multiple campaigns across multiple channels, with coherent content that’s personalised to each individual, is a significant challenge.

Easy platform

Easy to use platform

PremLive makes achieving this level of personalisation incredibly easy, by providing a single platform from which to devise, deploy and monitor your entire campaign.

By generating both online and offline communications featuring the same, relevant content, tailored to the needs and interests of each recipient, you can maximise campaign response and make your investment in marketing really count.

Power of data

The power of data

Of course, it wouldn't be possible to achieve this level of personalisation without data. PremLive capitalises on the detailed customer information you hold and enables you to personalise your campaign to every individual.

By adapting specific templates, the technology uses your variable data to tailor the campaign content to reflect the specific needs and interests of each customer, across every platform on and offline.

Visualise Campaign

Visualise campaign flows

PremLive’s intuitive campaign dashboard allows you to sketch out campaign flows using our interactive, drag-and-drop digital storyboard.

Planning and visualising sophisticated campaigns has never been so easy, with unlimited customer touch points and a variety of communication platforms and disciplines at your disposal, from direct mail and email to social media and personalised landing pages.

Collabourate in the Cloud

Collaborate in the cloud

Our cloud-based software allows all stakeholders and partners to log in remotely using their unique username and password.

This allows everyone with a role to play in executing the campaign to stay informed and collaborate effectively. From ironing out scheduling and sharing information to agreeing key decisions, cloud collaboration saves time and increases efficiency.

Realtime results

Real-time analytics and reporting

PremLive allows you to track the success of your campaign in real time – and respond in real time too, using the data to refine and improve your approach.

Our suite of easy-to-use tools provides detailed levels of analytics, helping you understand how a campaign is performing. Real-time results allow you to track a customer’s journey and react if necessary to improve the campaign’s success.

Improving your next campaign

Improving your next campaign

PremLive goes further still, gathering and collating response data to improve the targeting of future communications and campaigns.

By automatically feeding new information gathered back into your CRM system, PremLive is a powerful tool for refining your approach and increasing the accuracy – and therefore the effectiveness – of your personalised multichannel marketing.

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